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Well, this story is a story of a friend and a friend, like any other, can be, but with many conflicts, let's put your hands dirty

In one day, a young man who loved smoking cigarettes and also having fetish for women who smoke, something normal, but for many, find it crazy thing
He is a person who has many friends and friends and whether or not fetish and being a smoker or not, but one of his friends, but precisely her friend, who was a friend he loved, but she hated cigarette not stand the smell but it had an addiction, she smoked marijuana, and he did not enjoy, and also had nothing against, but as was his friend he did not care, well, one day, it seems that was not a good day either for it nor for her, and that would be saved forever, very marked
And that such a day came:

- Hi girl how are you
- I'm fine
- That's good !!!!!!

After they comprimentaram, they sat on the couch and started talking so far so good, he soon into the conversation he took from his pocket a pack of cigarettes, and she half then opened her purse and took his marijuana cigarette already thought out and ready to smoke, she lights up and he already has his lit cigarette smoking, oh we do not know why she starts talking of his cigarette evil
- Can you delete your disgusting cigarette, I hate the smell
- Erase your Paranga you're in my house !!!!!
And you know I respect you and not even enjoying you smoke it
- I do not care, delete that shit, that smell is bothering me
And go to fucking hell
Tomare you have cancer, damned
And they start fighting stronger
- You are disgusting, whom you will want !!!
I feel sorry for you
- Seriously !!!!!
I'm getting medinho you !!!!!!!
Your mother is a whore, giving birth to a fool like that, crazy
- He broke down and said:
Go away from here its disgusting cow, it will die soon with this drug, you will very soon be stealing to buy this shit !!!!!!
Then both get up from the couch and ...
She grabs his arm and says?
- I do not want to see you ever again
Forget me !!!!!!!!
(She was at its limit, and both were in a very bad day)
He said, leaves his stoner shit
As she was fed up of it and at that moment she grabbed her purse and walked away, but before that she showed the finger at him and put an arm over the other and made a couple banana him and after that, she hit the door and when he will way to her house she was crying in tears, and logical, was a heavy fight and he was very ill, then he called his friends and explained what had happened, he very depressed and his friends were dismayed by what happened and she went with her friends to distract her head because she needed after 10 years of friendship, end up that way is very complicated and very sad.
(It took three years and as well as in three years many things can happen, like a wedding, one or two Expecting, one can get rich or poorer full of debts)
(In these three years, neither he nor she saw more after the fact, and not by email, not by phone nor by social network)
He once spent because it passes, he could forget his friend and followed his life, he dated twice, stayed with others, had a time he wanted to be alone, and he working on behalf of the company, very well off, today he He is with his 30-year-old, successful and happy, single, but happy.
Her in three years did everything he was with women, after she married and was happy with her husband and was working in a firm that was "firm" of the dreams of anyone, and today she is 25 years, and was happy with your job, your job, everything was swimmingly
Reached Friday and as it was law, he called his friends for them to go you one ballad and said he was going to pay off in a good top ballad, and as it was Friday, the day to take all with your friends, but he would go home to get changed and his house was very close to your work, then took time to get home, eat something, to pack up and leave, hoping his friends in the club, he was neat, had a striped shirt designer and had a beautiful a twill pants, was a ballad linen and he was well relaxed and at ease, as he was well off, was with his chauffeur, because he was drinking all , left his private car at home.
(Arriving at the disco)

His friends were waiting for him at the door and said that his friends would ride with him, he was not those rich emgomados and boring, was an ordinary person, cheerful, with many friends and just had money, something insignificant to him as he like to take tequila, and the staff of the bails knew he liked to drink, he had his place, was on the dance floor and then stood in the smokehouse but a smokehouse sir, an open area with a beautiful tree, had a beautiful a carpet and several fine chic sofas, cushions, when it rained, the roof was closed and they could stay there anyway, with air conditioning, of course.
And when the waiter would bring your tequila, ever, he wanted to change, ordered a caipirinha, I wanted to change a little, and when your drink arrived, lit his cigarette and stood admiring women smoking it as a fetish, but soon in minutes, reaches his drink and he even was the waiter
- Today you wanted to change, I liked it
- I want to be good, enjoying my drink, and his friends were having fun and it was good, until one of his friends came to him and said?
- I can do for you company?
- Of course it can
They were talking, smoking, drinking, talking, and enjoying the ballad

She was at work and there saw that it was Friday, she has picked up the phone and wanted to go out with her friends, and how was single, but as I said before, that she was happily married, I lied, she was single and very happy, really wanted is to enjoy a ballad with her friends, so she made with them she would take them home and go to the ballad, and one of them would take the car on the way back, so she combined that would pass at home, take a shower, get dressed, if emperiquetar all to go to the ballad, she decided to put that her beautiful burgundy dress to die, a beautiful shoe, and she a beautiful woman going to a club with her friends and happy myth

(30 minutes later, ARRIVING AT THE BALLAD)

- Wow, what a ballad top, wow, you can, friend, one of her friends makes this comment
- I'm friendly, I saved and today I can come this ballad, and also gain very well with my work
- What are we waiting, let's go, must have several cats and kittens for us beyond what we are single and have come to have fun
They come together and soon after her friends disappear in the club, as she wanted to take something, goes against the counter and asks for a tequila, wanted to drink all the same and there alone, she sits enjoying the scenery, I say, and I'm very close to the smokehouse and she did not know how to see a person and it seems that she does not believe at the same time, she takes out her cell phone and send a text message to the person, and be there queta waiting for the answer

Wow, and ae friend, you are enjoying here very pleasant esté, I took my caipirinha and seeing the movement, and soon after his friend, says it will to the track and see if someone takes off, and let your friend enjoying a good caipirinha
Behold, your phone vibrates and he sees that is not a link, a message
And dis message:
"Hi love, how are you this beautiful clothes is a cat !!!!, an unsigned restricted number

Well, after he read the message, he thinks it's a joke to some friend of yours and let keto
But then, your phone vibrates again with a new message:

"Hi love, it is good that your caipirinha, which will that is giving me here"

He is frightened by the message, but thinks it's again a friend of his, making a joke and he was not doing anything, had finished smoking, he was heading towards will track when surgue a beautiful woman and he is crazy but as he was pissed off, just bumping it and there he apologizes for having bumped her and she turns to face him, he gets scared at first and when he sees that his friend is the one that he had quarreled with a long time ago, but that was over three years, she looks into your eyes and says:
- Hi, (shy Well)
- HI, (also very shy and quite scared)

After they comprimentarem, even timidly, she thought and thought and said:

- You were going where, when we stumble
- I was going to take satisfaction with my friends, because I received two messages on my phone, which fucking saw it, he invites her to go along with it talk to your friends, but as she knows who sent the messages, and dis is better to leave it keto, and not wrap your head and then she told him instead of you go on, let's get some air and there enjoyed and talked for a while, he thought and decidiiu that would go with her because he I wanted to know how she was, knowing what happened in all that time they ran out without speaking, to sit, she sits down and asks for a hug, a simpes hug him and he accepted and when they hug, he feels a smell very good, strong and very tasty, a citrus scent and also had another perfume, but he imagined it was him that had that smell after they embrace, they begin to talk to if they had not fought at that time, as if nothing had happened as if they were just met, then it starts the conversation
- So what did you do this all the time that we ran in to speak?
- Well, I at first I suffered a lot, felt like the worst person in the world, but then my friends helped me a lot, we left together and then my self-esteem back with maximum force and was with here and there and also I will I confess that I was with men too, but let that be secret
- Our !!!!!! frill that strong, can let I do not count anything, it'll be our secret
Account more, where are you working?
- I'm working in a big company and am earning well, I'm happy and that's
- Good, I'm glad you
It is kind of like, but is eager to smoking and is not even there, and lights his cigarette and now it's her turn to speak what she did that all the time
- And you, what did you do?
- Well I first stopped smoking pot, I then I went to the gym and go out with my friends, picked up girls and boys, was curtndo my life and I am now working on a great company and I am also earning well
- Wow, that's cool, I'm glad you stopped smoking marijuana, I am very proud of you, and also know that you would get men and women, very good
- I thought I was on the right track, but then I saw it was just screwing me
- Glad you think so, I am most proud of
- Pera a minute, I'll get something in my bag
- Logical, rest assured, I hope
(He thinks she will pick up her makeup to touch, or a mirror, there it draws from her bag a pack of cigarettes, and oddly enough the same as he smokes and he does not believe what you see, then he takes a deep breath and question ...)
- Wow, you're smoking now, wow, who saw you who see you
- True, I started smoking cigarette after having stopped with marijuana, and I tried to do gym, but I saw it was not mine, and I love smoking, smoking two packs a day, real smoke and also love see women smoking and even I've had sex with some smoking, it's too good, but I got married, but in fact the same, I just join things, but then it turned out that not working out, and I'm single and today I love someone, the love stronger you want to be with this person for the rest of his life
- I know, this is very good indeed, I'm glad you're passionate about
- Brigade, but you still not understand? (She just lights up another cigarette)
- Understand what? (It also lights a cigarette)
- What who sent the messages on your phone was me, I always loved you once loved as a friend, and then I realized I was literally in love with you, the love of my life, I kind of unintentionally turned smoker and I'm loving it, having this wonderful fetish, giving a horny and ....
- Wow, I do not know what to tell you right now, I since I met you always loved you as his girlfriend, not as a friend, I had to hide this feeling because I know someone who confused friendship with love to date, and you know this person
- I know who
It's who is escervendo this story, our story
"May I ask, why of you are talking about my personal fucking life?"
- Ends our history soon, sorry, we only want to help you
"I can finish the story?"
(After the two declared themselves to each other, well, they gave one long kiss, and that many of those in the smokehouse, everyone applauded the scene that they were seeing a very beautiful scene and well after 15 minutes if kissing non-stop, they realized that their cigarettes were at the end, and how the two love smoking, and can not really run out of cigarettes, they paid their bills, she told to her friends via message she left with the love of your life he went to his driver and said he was leaving with her and that he had left money to his friends were taxi and apologized to them before they go home, they passed a gas station to comprareem cigarette, and bought one package, because the night would be long, and coming home they started kissing and she told him in ovido him that she wanted him to throw smoke in her face, and she also wanted to do the same, she was excited, in fact both were, so I did not need to mention that there was a Tantric sex, 'No it was to have spoken, but okay, finally after three years apart, estranged, they understand, and she with surprise have turned smoker and be fetishistic, something that never crossed his mind, they are very happy today, adopted two cats and they form a happy family, a couple of fetishist, a love that lasts to this day, and they are very good health, even smoking two packs a day, they were born to be smokers, and are happy in life, after all that happened, they deserve to be happy


Let me introduce myself, I'm Paula, I'm 23 years old, working with events, won very well, like what I do, and I am a smoker, smoking since I was 14, I love smoking, I see beautiful women who smoke, have a fetish huge.

I just got home, now go to the balcony to see the stars and smoke a cigarette to relax in this beautiful starry night
But I see, beautiful women walking and smoking, as are beautiful, blondes, brunettes, mulatto, redheads, I here just watching, but will leave.
Worse, I have friends that I love, and most are former smokers, and the few who smoke, are all traveling with their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, but okay, I'll stay here smoking, admiring people, I mean, women smoking, but who knows I think someone, who knows ...
When I was here alone, smoking my cigarette, enjoying the moon, I see the other side girls were smoking and 4, as here you could not see if it was new or not, so I of my building, I shouted and called to come closer, soon after, I saw that they were not minors, by what I was seeing, but as I wanted to see up close, I said, girls !!! I'm going down, wait a minute.
When I was with the girls, ours was better than I expected, because they were also fetishists like me, very good so you have no idea.
When I was with them, Rafaela (20 years), Jessica (20 years), Bruna (22 years), and Giovana (24anos), all beautiful.
 I started talking to them, and I realized they were all in the neighborhood, and they were beautiful, but would I called them into my gaff? even not knowing the right?
Well, I like were beautiful and they loved me, at the beginning of the conversation, so I invited them to come to my apartment, I'm glad I had things to eat, and had something to offer to my new friends.
You think I'm stupid not to let them get into my apartment?
Of course yes, I am not stupid, I would not miss it, and beyond that I live alone and am of legal age.
Before I almost forgot, they all warned her parents that were in my humble apartment, given the number here, address everything right, did not want to trouble me later.
We were drinking, and was with the sound down and logged in, sound one with these mines here my god, it feels like I'm on the moon, they here smoking beautifully, very sexy, good is that I'm single, and also to to my surprise they were all single.
Okay, I'll talk, I was with all of them, was not to talk, but I was and all loved me, but he had one that had that nervous footprint, I'm shivering here, but still I will not say who is love do suspense.
We were all talking, and of course, some exchange of glances, but everything was fine until we heard noise of gunfire, and how we were all curious, went all to see what was
As we were all half drunk, and we were not caring, so we went to see what was happening.

What was the fright they take?
Which one is that Paula is in love?
Does everything ended well?
All this you will see in ...

Continued ...


"We were all of us talking, and of course, some exchange of glances, but everything was fine until we heard noise of gunfire, and how we were all curious, went all to see what it was.
As we were all half drunk, and we were not caring, so we went to see what was going on. "

When all the girls went down to see what had happened, I was with some people on the street, and people talked she was armed and wanted to kill and it was killer, but only she and not the girls knew who was mad, behold, a woman and Paula arises, our warrior, do not believe what you're seeing, because she was his former girlfriend Paloma.
Paula and her friends and one of them is the love of his life, his girlfriend, she does not want to reveal, returning, she is face to face with his ex, and is completely insane, giving shots in the air
Paula asks Paloma
- Because of so much violence, because one day we went girlfriends
- Shut your mouth, that disgust, yes we were, but now I have a boyfriend and I'm a Nazi, my boyfriend who showed me this path, how I hate gays deserve all die, and mostly you bitch! bitch !!!!!!!
- Wow, you were not so, I'm very disappointed in you
- Our !!!! I will be afraid of their disappointment !!!!
Behold, Paula's girlfriend comes and gives her a kiss, Paloma sees and learns that he had an affair with her too, and says:
- Our !!!!!! that its mine there, that bitch, I had an affair with her two bundles ...
- Shut your mouth !!!!, and say more about it, there does not even want to see
- I'm scared to death !!!
- Love, I do not know where I left my cigarette, you have one with you?
I've got yes, love
While Paula, his love and the other girls were smoking and all were nervous, Paloma, seeing and touching and sena says:
- This is your last cigarette you will smoke here on earth, he saw his bitch, lesbian face ....
- First I will not stop smoking, i love smoking and love women who smoke, and secondly, you, Paloma not the boss of me, OK !!!
After Paula I just smoking cigarettes, Paloma looks good in his eyes and says,
- What is his last words, slut !!!!! ???
- I want you to go to hell, and the other as a woman passing the road in a lot of woman, and after a moment's notice says that turned straight and says that the worst is Nazi, my God, where this world will stop in the same moral, you are a psychopath evil without more to say.
After that, Paloma shoots to the ground and then shoots at Paula's chest
Paula feels a lot of pain and tell your love taking care of girls and arrange help
The ambulance arrives at 3 minutes and also reaches together police
After helping the victim and take her to the hospital
The police takes care of the other, the Paloma, the aggressor, the killer
Well, as our friend Paula, she oddly enough eve lucky because the bullet she took on his chest, do not hit anything, that reached its pack of cigarettes she had saved on his chest
Well, a few days later
Paula very well by the way with his girlfriend Giovana, and then this happened, had learned that Paloma was admitted to a mental hospital, and they all of them will visit her from time to time, even after the fact, you know she was not in her normal state, and also the last of them, but she after taking your medicine she says she misses them and asked for forgiveness of what she had done, her boyfriend of Paloma once knew has gone mad and killed himself.
Now after it passed all the girls in the apartment talking, smoking and there that Paula makes a questioning
Well, girls, have you ever thought if I was not a smoker, would have died and also was not going to meet my love (Giovana) and you all (Rafaela, Jessica and Bruna)
Then was a quiet, but then all said loudly
We love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And by the way we need to celebrate, and I'm glad you have enough cigarettes if we were not smokers, fetishists, none of this would be happening, for our luck was just a scare.
And so ends our story, if I can leave a message, I hope you serve something that helps everyone.



Well, we go to a meeting of smoking friends, great people, people who know what they want
But I will start from the beginning when they were minors

It all started when, Julia, Claudio, Elaine, Luiza, Luis, Daniel and Amanda

Claudio, Elaine, Julia, Luiza, Luiz, Daniela and Amanda had her 15-year-old
Everyone but Julia who was 16
Everyone always gather at Claudio's house was the only class ta not hidden smoked
But soon after some time, others also assumed they were smoking their parents.
They met because they are neighbors, not in the same building, lived in parallel streets.
They knew that smoking was bad, but still knew what they were doing
When they meet as children, they fought like normal children but then were all in stride.
But when he got together with his friends to talk to, and always smoking his favorite cigarettes.
They had no bias to enter because they had a member who was a lesbian, Amanda
And part of that group had admiration to see, to be with a woman smoking, but not in sexual concept so far.
Julia, Amanda, Luiza, were fetishists, others only were smokers who love smoking.
(10 years later)
They already with his 25.26 years, basically since adults were at Claudio's house, less Amanda, said he could not go to the meeting to have a commitment that could not be postponed, but said if that, would just pass by there
After they learned that she had not seen the meeting, they still did not care, continued talking, drinking beer, smoking, eating some snacks.
When one says that says it will take a last, usually never will, just say politely.
But that day is not he solve just pass !!!!
Behold, rings the bell, Claudio, the owner of the house, meets and is met with Amanda
He sends in, and when she sees all together start talking
(Amanda) people is this, first I quit smoking, you know, not take it anymore, and another want to have children and I am glad that I got rid of this disgusting addiction
You all are disgusting, there are bragging that smoking is good, others have fetish, think beautiful women who smoke, who jerks, find woman who smokes beautiful, I also thought actually was kind of on automatic, but in real it, I hate cigarette and hate you all, never want to see you or feel cigarette smell, most disgusting thing ...
And again, I will spit on the floor of this place here, but just will not spit in the face of you, because I am thin
After that Amanda scene, she slammed the door and left
After she left, all without any exception, were not understanding anything, because until yesterday she loved smoking, loved, loved his friends and a sudden hates everything.
Claudio the owner of the house, was outraged at what happened and said:
- Another anti tobacco to torment us
Luiz as it was more than good, said:
I am very sorry for what happened, but now ball forward, do not want to hear her name
Luiza also wanted to say something, even teary-eyed
- I did not expect it from her, not even
Elaine, meant something too:
- She does not deserve our respect, she did what he wanted, then we will follow the boat, and one need to buy more cigarettes
Julia, queia say something:
- Elaine, I'll go with you buy more cigarettes, my over
Daniele was very sad, not that the others were not, but I was in tears, but meant something too:
-meninas, I hope that I will also buy cigarettes, I need fresh air, and cigarettes

After everyone was vented, and when the girls arrived with more cigarettes, they all were talking about what had happened, and then went off to their homes
After a few months, they decided to meet again, and without it logical, but only that they decided to go there is a bar, a little change
Arrived at the bar, asked for beer, and sat Numas outdoor seating, they do not irião in places they could not smoke
They were happy, laughing jokes, all going well
From a distance, a woman of the same age of them seeing it from afar
I'm talking about Marcela, who was not in history, but that was just smoking his cigarette and watching the group smoking, drinking, having fun, he decided to go up to them and said:
Sorry to interrupt, I call Marcela and was watching you from afar and saw a cool group, which barely see out there
I am a smoker, but it was not, it was anti smoker was terrible, but after my 18 years I have experienced and enjoyed and love smoking, I would have tried before
This is the summary, if not like I'm leaving on good
Claudio and Luiz, were ouriçados by Marcela, were enchanted by her, and the girls also
And it was also the same age as they hit it too
Claudio Free
Marcela - Marlboro Blue ice
Luiza -Marlboro red
Julia - Benson Menthol
Elaine -Marlboro Blue ice
Daniele- red Marlboro
Luiz -Lucky strike

After Marcela appeared, it seems that gave a new life after what happened, but it seemed like she already knew, was teambuilding
They went out to bars, to Claudio's house, and elsewhere too
But Marcela as I knew what had happened to Amanda, decided to say something to her new friends
My friends gorgeous, I need to tell you something:
(All) can tell
I'm a lesbian
After she said, it was assumed, and Luiz Claudio, got a little desolate, because it was flirting
(All) you were very ten out of power trust us, we do not have any prejudice to the sexuality of our friends, what matters is the character, said Claudio
After she said she was into girls, all hugged, it looked like a beautiful family of friends
Julia took his cue and told Marcela
- I know a friend that he is gay and it was assumed and is a person of love, writes very well
Marcela said he also knew a gay man who had taken over and had placed a female name on his facebook profile
Julia and Marcela spoke together and said that both the loved being what it is
Luiza also wanted to say something, it is who I think he is too, writes very well, and I do some strips of what he writes, sends really well, I as a writer as well, he will go far
Daniele also wanted to say something, wow, it's great, a very dear migo, and who loves me call loirão and also say "little Indian" all my fault, rs
Claudio, Elaine, and Luis, knew who they were talking about and also wanted to make a comment
We will not become more tearing silk, but he is a person who is a smoker convinced, is what is not care about his sexuality but with the heart and the character
Marcela says that small world is not it, how could I imagine that you also knew
After that silk rasgação, everyone in the group continued to meet
And for many years, but for a twist of fate, some had their lives, and eventually split up but continued talking to the Internet
(10 years later)
After comings and goings, Claudio, Elaine, Luiza, Marcela, Julia, Daniele and Luiz finally arranged to meet after many years without being able to meet, marked to go there is a bar
Some left their cars at Claudio's house and those who had no car, were hitchhiking
When arrived at the bar, it was that melassão, but after years without seeing
But that day the bar was packed and had no free table, then Daniele said, because we will not for a ballad, wanted to dance a little, and it's a ballad that has smokehouse
Everyone agreed, and ended up going
It is not known why, but after years without seeing each other, go there a ballad, because he wanted to talk, put the news on time, but still were.
Danced together, by the time all at once, they said, we smoke?
And of course, they were all the smokehouse, place was nice, airy, and it was not small, when they set foot inside the smokehouse, had about three people smoking and were just smoking and behold, when one of them looked at Claudio, and that when all lit his cigarettes and looked at her, in fact, I did not believe what they were seeing
Yes, folks was none other than Amanda
Amanda, asked to speak, they thought a bit, but as was wondering what she would say, decided to listen to it
But it seems that was not there the conversation would be started
Because soon she would start, it started to rain, then they decided to pay his commanding and invited Amanda to go on Claudio's house, where it happened and why the cars were in the house of Claudio.
Once there, the rain would not stop, all went up in the apartment
Amanda, when entered, looked up and said, never thought I'd set foot here again
After everyone is inside the apartment, they sat down, and lit his cigarettes and said, can you tell Amanda what you have to say !!!
Well, folks, after that day that I did not need to repeat what happened, well, I was not right with me,
I could not stand and could not stand me my parents, I was sucks everything was pressure everywhere.
Chegei I quit smoking because I thought it was the right thing to do, because I wanted to have a daughter, and I, she's beautiful, I really want you to know, to be honest I was in trouble and I know could have spoken to you, but rather it was not what I did, I did even worse talked it all, regret too, after I had quit smoking, I got a breeder and got pregnant soon after, our relationship was not working, good I ended up realizing that my business really is woman
After that, I ended up going back to smoke and do not regret it, I love smoking, love to see women smoking and all the girlfriends I had smoked.
That's what I had to talk
Claudio Luiz, Luiza, Daniele, Elaine, Marcela, only looked at Amanda and derão that hug and wept made some melted butter, and said:
- We can not be cruel to you, you are our childhood friend, and deserves a second chance
Girls, Julia, Elaine, Daniele and Luiza were realizing that Marcela kept looking for Amanda, and how they and the boys, and Luiz Claudio also realized, gave rope to Marcela arrived at Amanda.
After Marcela finally went to Amanda meeting, and formed the cutest couple and lightning love what had happened, did not choose love, only happens in moments that we never imagined where and how.
After everything was fine
Julia said:
- Came to drink or to cry?
(All) Let's drink

Everyone was happy, drinking, smoking, and Amanda wanted to say one last word
(Amanda) - You are my best friends I could have, and moreover I got a beautiful girlfriend, and after all that happened, I need a cigarette, his girlfriend Marcela, lit a cigaaro and gave it to his girlfriend and then He lit one for her
Everything turned out well, everything was done for real friends I have only one character was invented (Amanda)

Claudio - owner of a group on facebook
Smoking area
Julia - a teacher, friend, my diva always
Elaine- admirer of works of art and also and painter
Daniele- pscicóloga, friend, very important in my life
Luiza - poet, friend, perfect that always praises what I write
Luiz - has its own company, friend, very thin people also like a lot to write

I hope you all enjoyed
was heart this honor ...




After Rúbia died the next day the girls met and did not touch on the subject, as if something had not happened.
Camila as always, beautifully lit his cigarette and started talking to the girls, as Akemi, the blonde japa also lit his cigarette, Marina and also as Gabriela well.
Gabriela was offering beer for girls and logical they accepted because they were thirsty.
Only so they accepted. kkk
After many hours smoking, talking, and at that time it was already dawn, Camila cites the name of Rúbia and says she is lacking. Marina, Akemi, Gabriela and then begin to talk about, and say they do not know why she is not there with them.
Each one says one thing:
Camila says she is sick. Marina said that her mother must have quarreled with her.
Akemi said it should're making love. Gabriela said she must have forgotten us, and so did not come.
We all know that they are lying
But only one of them is exalted and says:


Fucking hell, girls stop lying, we all know that Rúbia died and one of us was the killer (Gabriela)
After Gabriela said, I mean, let the dogs out, the girls began to attack Akemi.
Akemi, you were the only class that had estranged with her, and the fact is it was you who killed him, Camila said.
In good, Akemi, I do not know what you had, whether it was a case, or if it's something else, I agree with Camilla, it was you who killed him. Said Marina
Logo speaks the truth, it was you !! as you killed her, asks Gabriela
(Akemi) I will defend myself of these charges without any sense, absurd.
First I have not the heart to kill a cockroach, I will have to kill coerce a person !! It makes me laugh, after that, I'll light a cigarette to calm myself, only heard nonsense, friends that I have, my deusss !!!!


How not to Akemi, it is indeed !! Left over, Camila, Marina and Gabriela
Akemi was in her Middle unintentionally wanting Marina and Camila Gabriela accused while saying Gabriela you there all throughout, tells me one thing: who was it that took a stab at Rúbia?
Gabriela gave that laugh, then said: You two, my god, just said she was killed with a knife, for instance as you know that?
Camila and Marina, said Gabriela said she was killed by a stab.
Gabriela said, I did not do a damn thing, did not kill anyone, now what I deduce, is that it was one of you two who murdered the Rúbia.
Gabriela was fed and looked at the face of the two and said, speaks of all people killed
After a while they were silent


After 5 days:

Akemi, Marina and Camila went to Gabriela's house and there that began to unfold the story.
All they sat, lit a cigarette, and opened a can of beer.
It was then that Marina spoke.
(Marina) I killed rather Rúbia, that stupid redhead.
I killed because I had an affair with Akemi, after I took Camila to jealousy for
Rúbia. The Rúbia know many things, many secrets of us all and I did not want it spread to other people. Then as she was angry because I did not want it, I was afraid that she would kill me, so I even scared I had the courage and killed her.
I took a knife that was in the kitchen and when Gabriela said it was for us to go out after her, was my chance, so I went into the bar, I saw that he had a woman with red hair, I saw that her back was turned, took a cigarette and asked her to fire, that's when with the other hand I stabbed her with a knife in his heart.
It was very easy, easier than taking candy from a baby.

Chapter 9 :( SHRINK THE EVENT)

After Marina took over the crime, the girls were assutadas and did not know what to do, actually Gabriela knew then:
Look, Marina, I will not call the police, I'll just ask you to seek help from a psychiatrist and after that I do not care, you need to help, but the best right now is that you remove and go straight to a psychiatrist and that once you're high, we can even think of your back. I just did not I arrest you because even you have done this, the friendship continues, but only after you treat and look good, you come back.
Then Marina stood up, apologized and left.
Camila, Akemi were very frightened by what happened.
And asked to Gabriela because she had said that Marina and why she did not call the police.
(Gabriela) I will explain why I did and said that to her. I said that because I did not want her to do with us what she did with Rúbia. I drove out in a polite manner, that's what I did. Expulsei- the group and our lives.
After Gabriela comforted the girls, she realized something was missing and was already pissed off !!!!!


Holy shit !!!! My cigarettes ended (Gabriela)
And you girls, do you have?
I have a few, will not give (Akemi)
I have only three cigarettes in the pack (Camila)
Then I'll buy, but I will not leave here, I will ask to bring a friend, she lives two minutes from where I live, live here side. I'll send a message to her then.
I asked her to bring and not to pay, after we passed, is as my gift
Okay friend, thank you (Akemi)
Thanks a lot (Camila)
I had appointed, she said she will bring here 5 minutes ago


Rings the bell, she is finally !!!!
Akemi, Camila, vibrate that will be able to smoke
When Gabriela opens the door !!!!!!


Come in girls (Gabriela)
Our !!! I and the girls were no longer enduring stay quit
Now we are here, we buy cigarette packs to all of you
When Camila Akemi and look at the girls and see which one is nothing more and nothing less than Rúbia, yes, Rúbia did not die !!!!!
Akemi see and do not believe what you see, open the pack of cigarettes, take a pack opens, lights, and sit down to understand what was happening !!!
Camila does not believe, in fact, does the same as Akemi did so nervous she is.
Akemi says: I'm seeing double, I drank so much?
I (Rúbia) will speak everything, Akemi you're not seeing double, Helena is my twin sister
She is an actress, was traveling will work in their play, but now she's on vacation and here to stay.
Well, you see I did not die, was as follows:
I combined with Gabriela we'd unmask the Marina, we both knew who she was.
So as I said, as Helena's my identical twin sister, and on top is an actress. Know the knives were in the kitchen? So were all scenographic, you know my "death"? So it was made: Helena took a proper clothing, put that fake blood bag inside put a wig to be like me, and she has brown hair and I'm redhead.
So everything was planned and very well calculated.
Akemi and Camilla did not know was given a slap them or cry or laugh
All have that hug
Soon after, Camila began talking to Helena, I mean, Camila was giving a pass. Helena is also fetishist and smokes Marlboro Red.
And with that, formed couples, Helena and Camila Akemi and Rúbia
Gabriela as is married and her husband is not in this story, but even so, was happy with her friends, and to finish
Camila, Akemi, Rúbia, Gabriela and Helena took a cigarette lit and gave that toast with same cigarette, leaning against each other as if giving a toast with glasses, but in the case was with cigarette.
Thus ends this perfect story and with much love ...
Pera there, girls, come to the room to take pictures of fetish smoking, but now a couple.
Marina, after the fact, cured, and formed another group of smokers, that's what Gabriela discovered by looking in your social network.
So everything is resolved, close the end,



Women admirers who are smokers, welcome to the penultimate tale titled WOMEN SMOKERS, prepare next buckshot !!!!!!!!!

In this story, I will tell a story of 5 friends smokers and fetishists
We present them?

Beginning with Marina, a beautiful woman with her 22 years, long brown hair, green eyes, smoker since his 15 years, always loved to see people who smoked, and then with his 15 years, he decided to addiction and with conviction I knew the evils and to her what mattered most was the passion, the desire was greater than anything else. His favorite cigarette: Free Fresh.
Now let's talk about Camila, a terrific woman, a friend of all, with its 1.75 high, with her light brown eyes, and with only 20 years, began to smoke with his 13 years by his mother, why she asked her daughter to light their cigarettes and then turned love at first sight, and who also smoked along with his mother, something normal, like a beer.
His cigarette Favourite: Marlboro light
Rubia, a beautiful redhead, but very shy, but when he's with her friends, is a walking rattle, is petite at the time, but when he speaks, speaks too loudly. He is 23 and started smoking at 16, always loved the smell of cigarette smoke, but a few years later for lack of courage, was turned smoker.
Gabriela, a people of love, friend and fetishistic, is 26 years old, smokes Marlboro Red, has many tattoos, smoker since 15 years of age.
Akemi, a blonde Japanese, Gratíssima, is a woman's love, determined, very warlike. Is 23 years old, smoker since 15 years of age. Your favorite cigarettes: Marlboro light

Chapter 1: (A FIGHT)

Our friends, Akemi, Rubia, Gabriela, Camila, Marina, a normal group of friends; they are part of a group called Smoking Fetish. They always are in the house of Gabriela. But what do they do? They talk to each other, talk about everything, drink, smoke and logical it predominates is the fetish smoking.

Camila !!!!! Did you see that woman in that video, smoking like a goddess, (Marina)
(Camila) It's too beautiful even, Marina,
Akemi, Rubia, you are very quiet today, what happened !!! (Gabriela)
 (Akemi) You know it's Gabi, I walk sad because of the bofes know, I'm not giving luck with relationships.
That is not so, let's animate this group, we can see more hot videos to cheer or else make our videos smoking, with that charm that we know do very well.
(Akemi) as it is to exit the routine and forget about the problems, then you know what, Gabi, then you can make a video my smoking !!!! ???
(Gabriela) Our !!! Akemi now firmly felt, I top yes, let's see if the girls will want.
I've ran into, said Marina
(Camila) I'm here molhadinha, very horny and wanting so much to make this video, and on top of the delights of Gabriela who will be shooting !!! My God !!!
And you Rubia?
Gabi know, I'd rather stay here in my corner with my cell phone and smoking good, can go there with the girls.
Fine, but if you change your mind just paste in the room.

Meanwhile, in-room .....

Gabriela was the first to have your video, and who was filmed Camila
Then they were Akemi, Marina and Camila more hussy, and who was filmed Gabi
As Gabriela was the boss, I mean that this filming, said what was to
Said Marina: handle with delicacy a cigarette from his pack, lights and slowly crosses his legs, he told her down causing smoke bubbles, and told her to blow smoke in the face of one of them, and it was Camilla who was chosen, it was madness ...
And so the videos were made with much sensuality and glamor.
When they had finished everything, they went straight to the living room, were all carried out, and meanwhile Rubia, was in it, and Gabriela asked her if she wanted to go in the room to take pictures and to put at the disposal either of the girls, but the sudden, she just freaking out, saying she was fed up with that, of all the girls and did not want to see anyone else, Camila went to her and slapped his face Rúbia after all did the same and with that she rebelled more and yet it all marked tapas, gave one breath and said,
This will not stand, his crazy, I'm tired of you, I hope you die
After she said it, he did not even wait what they would say or some excuse, just left without saying goodbye.
We'll be fine without it, let's have fun, that smoking is the best thing to do at that time, says Camila
All agree and try to understand what happened, kind of not knowing why so angry that Rúbia had them.

Chapter 2: (LIGHTER)

After the event, they spent a few days and Akemi sent a message to Gabriela saying he was very lonely and was fondly of her friends and asked if he could go home from Gabriela and could be called girls. Gabi, said he could and that it was possible to bring beer.
They went to the house of Gabriela.
Akemi, took two cases of beer, drinks like that girl, lol
Camila took one, and Marina took two. Gabriela the landlady, did not have to worry about, was pacas beer.
It was wonderful when they met, of course they felt the lack of the red, I mean the Rúbia.
They were all drinking and smoking, behold, Camila finds a lighter side of the sofa cushions and saw it had a name engraved on it with the initials 'RT'
The girls knew that was the Rúbia and Marina said the 'T' is Teodoro
Gabriela then asked the lighter and said he was going to play out, but Camila, Akemi, and Marina did not let her throw.
After that, all continued to drink, many speaking nonsense and smoking beautifully as they smoke.

Chapter 3: (A Rubia BACK)

After they had gone to Gabriela's house to take all, they ran out of time to see.
But you know, when he paints that miss !!! behold, Gabriela ordered his friends saw it to one bar that was near the Brigadeiro subway, and had no excuse for not showing up. And it is not that all came !!!!
When they arrived, it was a whimper of emotions, but then of course, they started drinking, watching people, flirt, chat and logical smoking, were at the tables outside the bar was so much fun. Akemi was laughing along with the nonsense that girls spoke, Marina was flirting and laughing too, Camila was all cheerful, drinking too much and having a great time and Gabriela was glad her friends were there. Behold ace 22, 34 comes out of nowhere, Rúbia arrives kinda quiet and says; friends, excuse me, that day, I was not well, you forgive me?
One looked at the face of another, and eye out water, decided to give a hug Rúbia.
The scene was beautiful. Then they sat down and asked for more beers and stayed until the bar closes.
When the bar closed, and the girls were so order more, they wanted to eat, they were hungry and also wanted to be with a friend who disappeared. Gabriela was invited all of them to go to her house and there were drinking more and eating. All were accepted and, when they got there, no one knows why, and Camila Akemi recalled that Rúbia had forgotten the lighter there. And when they handed him over to you lady, she was very happy. After they had eaten a snack, all sat on the sofa and chairs in the room and maid that Rúbia started to say why she returned.
When Rúbia was your lighter in hand, and half of nowhere she took the floor to talk to girls.
- Look, I loved to have seen you in truth, but my place is not with you, all I said before I did not take anything, I just pretended I was longing just to get my lighter back, and another I never hated as many of you as I am hating and mostly you Akemi, its disgusting.
After this pump spoken by Akemi she rose from the couch and slapped, those who leave mark, and even asked why so much hatred girls and her own.
(Rubia) Akemi, I hate you so much it was not for you were born, and the others are a women with no salt, and said he would speak of the secrets of each of the world.
After Rúbia told Akemi, she ran, down the stairs like a marathon runner, and the girls, all were behind them, Gabriela said to each go to a place looking for it and so were.

Chapter 4 (MURDER)

Meanwhile, Rúbia ran a lot, and saw the girls, some of them were running behind, he thought fast finding a place to hide.
It was a game the former friend who would ruin to life of all or not.
Behold Rúbia find a place to hide and see that no one was following.
I was in a bar, ordered a shot of tequila, as it was full, had no place to sit, decided to find a more comfortable place possible. But someone comes and asks fire to light his cigarette.
When Rúbia says you have and when you look at the person who is calling and says:
- How did you find me !!! ??
The woman says; I came here to do this !! take a knife in his heart, and leaves as if nothing happened, just killed a person with a well-aimed stab with many people around.
And then who killed Rúbia? Because she was killed?
It was revenge !!!!! ?????
It was anger !?
By file was burning? knowing much is !!!! ????

Was it Akemi, Gabriela, Camila and Marina?
They all had motive to kill her
But who was !!!!! ????

They want to know who was the killer? why kill him?
So place your bets, who may have murdered coldly !!! ??
I have to leave you curious


I will report here a story that I always wanted to write, but when I said I was going to write.

Once, Juliana, a fatal blonde, with their twenties arrived from work tired. And her boyfriend William had just arrived too.
(Guilherme) - Love like you're hot !!!
(Juliana) - Oh, love, what are you up !!!
(Guilherme) - I'm not readying nothing! Just brought some candles ...
(Juliana) - So you mean that you will apply Waxplay?
(Guilherme) - That's right love, you are ready to feel goose bumps and horny?
(Juliana) - It starts by red candle, spreads over my whole body !!! will soon !!!!
(Guilherme) - I'm spreading this red candle that delicious body, I make designs with the candle.
(Juliana) - Use all the candles, all colors, designs soon, I'm boiling here, so much lust, going crazy.
(Guillaume) - Spreading the yellow candle making a drawing of a dragon. I will end with the green making the contours.
(Juliana) And my breasts !! you did not touch them !!! Will leave without dripping candle no?
(Guilherme) No, I will make a work of art in your breasts, I'm leaving them for last

Meanwhile ...

William, with its colorful candles being around the body of his girlfriend and when he starts dropping candle wax on her breasts doing a drawing, his girlfriend begins to rave, crazy, getting molhadinha of both hard and also said that just want to see the result then in front of the mirror, really want to be surprised.
Here she starts moaning be safe on the pillow in a way that your horny starts to get bigger and as she did not feel any pain, she feels horny to feel it in your body, a few minutes after the art made in Juliana's breasts, here that Ju, could not stand to wait, I wanted to know what he drew with the candle in her breasts.
(Juliana) - I want to see it, I'm dying to see, ready?
(Guilherme) - Yes, your delights !!!

(1 Minute later ...)

Juliana finds himself in the mirror, and when you look at her naked body and especially her breasts, takes pictures, but not put anywhere yet, only when the time is right.

Two days later ...

 Juliana with her red catsuit with a whip and another thing waiting for her boyfriend to arrive from work.
Minutes later, William arrives and Julian starts to give orders
(Juliana) It is four !!
"Meanwhile, it puts a chain around his neck and back to your room. And begins to beat with his whip until you get in the room! When he sees that you have a chair and several streams that are waiting for it !!! It goes crazy !!!! Your horny being the puppy, it was what he feels horny !!! "
 Juliana, sends him sit in the chair, with the collar on the neck, tying his arms, his legs, he starts beating on his face and he asks for more to catch.
Soon after, Juliana, put a mask on him, and so she starts rubbing her breasts in his face and keeps hitting on her face and worshiping him be dominated by it.
As Juliana is not happy about it, you want more !!! She is insatiable when it comes to BDSM
She unties only the legs and takes the chair. The robe and hung out with him tied with hands behind and put a coat to hide. Juliana, hung out with him down the street for a few hours, and oh yes, is satisfied by.

(3 days after ,,,)

William is at work, but is taking ore which is due. But Juliana is anxious not wait to be with him and curious to know what he will get ready !!
Will he give a new catsuit? Is it a gag-ball or Gag?
Behold William arrives with a surprise in the size of a shoe box, but only it was red with a black cap and had ties to symbolize Waxplay, green, yellow and red.
Logico that Juliana was eager to open the box. imagining a sexual paraphernalia.
She sits on the bed, opens the box carefully and takes a shock !!!!
(Juliana) I'm not understanding anything !! What do you want me to do with it !!!
(Guilherme) - Love, this is for you to do and because I have huge fetish for it !!
(Juliana) But baby, I do not smoke !!!
The box contains two packs of Dunhill and Marlboro Pack of blue ice and three lighters
But love, I can not stand cigarette !! It's horrible !!!
(William) The thing is, I did not ask if you like it or not. What matters is that AM SENDING YOU SMOKE CIGARETTES !!!!!

After hearing this from her boyfriend, Juliana opens the box, takes out a packet of Dunhill and lighter.
Juliana, then asks William what she has to do !!
William starts giving instructions:
As I now I send !!! Then you put the cigarette in his mouth and lights and is required to be with lipstick marks on the cigarette, it makes me very excited !!
Juliana then lights a cigarette with that look of lust and oddly enough, she knows smoking, thus leaving him satisfied.
He sends her take off her clothes. It puts his cigarette and when she's naked and she gives that bring delicious, so he asks her with one of her hands, put her fingers in her vagina, and other smoking !!!
At that time, Ju, is with two fingers in her vagina, is exciting
As he was still not satisfied, he asked her to let go smoke making drawings with his own smoke
Ju as it was obedient, and she did not straight, as if she was born to smoking, which is noticed in women, chatting and having this conversation right, I mean, this animal sex in the form of fetish.
When she was molhadinha horny, he sends grab another pack of cigarettes because she smoked the whole pack, he told her to take the Marlboro ice blue.
She opened the pack, lit, he asked her to stay four and suck his cock and threw smoke from his cigarette menthol, inhaling the cigarette eager to go out with a lot of smoke as a smoker woman was being in four walls.
Juliana was swallowing her boyfriend's cock with such ease and after swallow, took a drag on his cigarette that left him still mad, I was just doing what he had asked, nothing more than that.
Soon after, he sends her hands and knees and he'll eat it all and of course, it being smoking of course, he gets very well, and she knows how to make any woman go to an orgasm, and thus they were the night all so had half nine, had everything and more.

The next day ....

Juliana went to buy cigarettes on Saturday, because everyone smoked on Friday, the day lady sex. And her boyfriend was asleep, too tired the night before.
Juliana now wishes to speak, he takes what he's sleeping.
(Juliana) So, my dear readers, I hope you enjoyed my adventure and I do not regret it one bit.
Regarding the art that my boyfriend made Waxplay on my breasts, he drew a cigarette wrote in drawing the following sentence:

"Smoking Fetish, the art of my life that I love"

One last very important Juliana comment !!!

"Do what you do have will, and do not forget to buy your cigarettes, it is with him that I do my art ,,,"


sábado, 6 de junho de 2015


É você que amo
Que quero comer
Quero chupar seus seios deliciosos
Só pensando nisso, eu já fico louco aqui

É você que quero chupar sua vagina até gozar
Que tesão!!!
Vai ficar molhadinha, muito molhadinha
É você que quero meter minha língua na sua bunda

Chupando tudo indo ao céu com aquele amor, aquele força
É você que quero estar junto para o resto de minhas vidas
É com você que quero meter meus vinte centímetros
É com você que quero fazer aquele meia nove
Com sua boca engolindo tudo

É com você que quero poder usar meus conhecimentos de smoking fetish
Podendo chegar ao último grau do smoking fetish
É com você que quero transar muito
Comer bem gostoso
Foder até a última gota do seu gozar

Você é a escolhida
Aquela que me inspira no que faço
No que escrevo
No que realmente sou

Poder esfregar o meus vinte centímetros nesses seus seios
Que me deixam louco de vontade
É com você que quero alcançar aquilo que eu não pude fazer
No quarto de motel, na sua casa, na minha casa
O lugar é o que menos importa

O que quero é te comer bem delicioso
Quero sentir seu gemido, quero você pedindo para eu parar
Loucuras vamos fazer, para você, o amor da minha vida
Farei de tudo para te foder, te comer, te amar mais ainda que eu te amo

Quero que você esteja nua, linda , gostosa
Quero você também vestida para nós sairmos com um casal feliz
Desde sempre, eu te olhava com com conho amoroso e sexual
Nunca apenas amor, sexo penetrante com meus vinte centímetros
Você nunca vai poder imaginar, o que vai ser bom

Você chupando esses meus vite centímetros de grossura e muitas loucuras
Dar aquele tapa na sua cara, fazendo você engolir meus vinte  centímetros com mais tesão
Eu não te tenho, não esta aqui comigo
Mas em pensamentos sempre esteve

Meus vinte centímetros quer você
Sei que posso te fazer feliz e não precisar de outros centímetros menores
Fazer  tudo que eu pedir
Sendo domada pelos meus sentimentos e pelos meus vinte centímetros de loucura reais

Vinte centímetros que quer meter tudo em você
Meter, meter, comer, foder
Lamber, chupar, gozar
Sonhando você toda lambuzada com muito gozo em seus seios
Jorrando cada loucura, cada sentimento ali guardado por anos

Amando muito, respeitando até demais
De mãos dadas no shopping, no cinema
Jantar à dois com aquela troca de olhares
Sendo uma integrante da minha família
Pais, parentes, a gata( Flecha) que você a conhece muito

Saudades eu sempre estou
Na alegria e na tristeza
No amor e no tesão
Dos vinte centímetros de muita putaria
Eu lhes digo:
Eu te amo

sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2015


Irei relatar aqui uma historia que eu sempre quis escrever, mas que quando comentei que ia escrever.

Certa vez, Juliana, uma loira fatal, com seus vinte e poucos anos chegou do trabalho cansada.  E seu namorado Guilherme tinha acabado de chegar também.
(Guilherme)- Amor como você está gostosa!!!
(Juliana) - Ai, amor, o que você está aprontando!!!
(Guilherme) - Eu não estou aprontando nada! Apenas trouxe algumas velas...
(Juliana) - Então quer dizer que você vai aplicar Waxplay?
(Guilherme) - É isso mesmo amor, você está preparada para sentir arrepiada e com tesão?
(Juliana)- Começa logo pela vela vermelha, espalha sobre o meu corpo todo!!! vai logo!!!!
(Guilherme) - Estou espalhando essa vela vermelha nesse corpo delicioso, vou fazer desenhos com a vela.
(Juliana) - Usa todas as velas, todas as cores, desenha logo, que eu estou fervendo aqui, de tanto tesão, indo a loucuras.
(Guilherme)- Espalhando a vela amarela fazendo um desenho de um dragão. vou finalizar com a verde fazendo os contornos.
(Juliana) E os meus seios!! você nem tocou neles!!! Vai deixar sem  pingar vela nenhuma ?
(Guilherme) Não, eu vou fazer uma obra de arte nos seus seios, estou deixando eles por ultimo

Enquanto isso...

Guilherme, com suas velas coloridas sendo espalhadas pelo corpo de sua namorada e quando ele começa a deixar cair a cera da vela nos seios fazendo um desenho, sua namorada começa a delirar, enlouquecer, ficando molhadinha de tanto tesão e ainda disse que só quer ver o resultado depois em frente ao espelho, quer realmente ser surpreendida.
Eis que ela começa a gemer se segura no travesseiro de uma forma que seu tesão começa a ficar maior e como ela não sente dor nenhuma, ela sente tesão em sentir aquilo em seu corpo,alguns minutos depois da arte feita nos seios de Juliana, eis que Ju, não aguentava mais esperar, queria saber o que ele desenhou com a vela em seus seios.
(Juliana) - Eu quero ver isso, estou doida para ver, já está pronto ?
(Guilherme) - Sim, sua delicia!!!

( 1 Minuto depois...)

Juliana se vê no espelho, e quando olha o seu corpo nu e principalmente seus seios, tira fotos, mas não posta em lugar nenhum ainda, só quando for o momento certo.

Dois dias depois...

 Juliana com seu catsuit vermelho com um chicote e mais uma coisinha  esperando seu namorado chegar do trabalho.
Minutos depois, Guilherme chega e Juliana já começa a dar ordens
(Juliana) Fica de quatro!!
"Enquanto isso, ela coloca uma corrente no seu pescoço e o trás até o seu quarto. E começa a bater com seu chicote até chegar no quarto!  Quando ele vê que tem uma cadeira e várias correntes que estão esperando por ele!!! Ele vai a loucura!!!! Seu tesão sendo o cachorrinho, era o que ele sente tesão!!! "
 Juliana, o manda sentar na cadeira, com a coleira no pescoço, o amarra seus braços, suas pernas, começa a bater na cara dele e ele pede mais para apanhar.
Logo depois, Juliana, coloca uma máscara nele, e com isso ela começa a esfregar seus seios na cara dele e continua batendo na sua cara e ele adorando ser dominado por ela.
Como Juliana não esta satisfeita com isso, quer mais!!! Ela é insaciável quando o assunto é BDSM
Ela o desamarra apenas nas pernas e o tira da cadeira. O veste e sai com ele amarrado com as mãos para trás e coloca um casaco para esconder. Juliana, sai com ele pela rua por algumas horas, e ai sim, está por satisfeita.

(3 dias depois,,,)

Guilherme, está no trabalho, mas está demorando ais o que se deve. Porém,Juliana está ansiosa, não vê a hora de estar com ele e curiosa para saber o que ele vai aprontar!!
Será que ele vai dar um catsuit novo? Será que é uma mordaça-bola ou uma Gag?
Eis que Guilherme chega com uma surpresa numa caixa do tamanho de uma caixa de sapato, mas só que era vermelha com a tampa preta e tinha laços que simbolizam o Waxplay, verde, amarelo e vermelho.
Logico que Juliana estava ansiosa para abrir a caixa. imaginando algum apetrecho sexual.
Ela senta na cama, abre a caixa cuidadosamente e leva um susto!!!!
(Juliana) -Não estou entendendo nada !! O que você quer que eu faça com isso!!!
(Guilherme) - Amor, isso é para você fazer e também porque eu tenho fetiche enorme por isso!!
(Juliana) Mas amor, eu não fumo!!!
A caixa contém 2 maços de Dunhill e um Maço de Marlboro blue ice e 3 isqueiros
Mas amor, eu não suporto cigarro!! É horrível!!!
(Guilherme) É o seguinte, eu não perguntei se você gosta ou não. O que importa é que ESTOU MANDANDO VOCÊ FUMAR CIGARROS!!!!!

Depois de ouvir isso do seu namorado, Juliana abre a caixa, pega um maço de Dunhill e o isqueiro.
Juliana, então pergunta para Guilherme o que ela tem que fazer!!
Guilherme, começa a dar  as instruções:
Como agora eu que mando!!! Então você coloca o cigarro na boca e acende e é obrigatório estar com a marca de batom no cigarro, isso me deixa muito excitado!!
Juliana, então acende o cigarro com  aquele ar de tesão e por incrível que pareça, ela sabe fumar,com isso deixando-o satisfeito.
Ele a manda tirar toda a roupa. Ela coloca o cigarro no cinzeiro e quando ela está nua e ela dá aquele trago delicioso, então ele pede para ela com uma de suas mãos, colocar os dedos na sua vagina, e a outra fumando!!!
Nesse momento, Ju, está com dois dedos na sua vagina, se excitando
Como ele ainda não estava satisfeito, ele pediu para que ela soltasse fumaça fazendo desenhos com a própria fumaça
Ju, como era obediente, e não que ela fez direitinho, com se ela nascesse para fumar, algo que se nota em mulheres,conversando e tendo esse papo reto, quero dizer, esse sexo animal em forma de fetiche.
Quando ela já estava molhadinha de tesão, ele a manda pegar o outro maço de cigarro, porque ela fumou o maço inteiro, ele a mandou que ela pegasse o Marlboro blue ice.
Ela abriu o maço, acendeu,ele a pediu que ficasse de quatro e que chupasse seu pau e que jogasse fumaça do seu cigarro mentolado, tragando o cigarro com muita vontade para sair com muita fumaça como uma mulher fumante estava sendo em quatro paredes.
Juliana estava engolindo o pau do seu namorado com tanta vontade e depois de engolir, deu um trago no seu cigarro que o deixou doido ainda, apenas estava fazendo o que ele tinha pedido, nada mais que isso.
Logo em seguida, ele a manda ficar de quatro e que ele vai comer ela toda e é lógico, ela estando fumando é claro, ele mete muito bem, sabe fazer ela e qualquer mulher ir a um orgasmo, e com isso eles ficaram a noite toda assim, teve meia nove, teve de tudo e mais um pouco.

No dia seguinte....

Juliana foi comprar cigarros no sábado, até porque fumou todos na sexta feira, o dia da senhora transa. E seu namorado estava dormindo, muito cansado na noite anterior.
Agora Juliana pede a palavra, aproveita que ele está dormindo.
(Juliana) Então, meus caros leitores, espero que tenham gostado da minha aventura que tive e não me arrependo nem um pouco.
A respeito da arte que meu namorado fez com Waxplay nos meus seios, ele desenhou um cigarro escreveu dentro do desenho a seguinte frase:

" Smoking Fetish, a arte da minha vida que amo"

Um último recado de Juliana muito importante!!!

" Faça aquilo que te faça ter vontade, e não esqueça de comprar seus cigarros, é com ele que eu faço a minha arte,,,"



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